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The blue butterfly years book and the purple butterfly years journal

Butterfly Years Journal & Book Duo

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A Journey through Grief Toward Hope

Whether you are experiencing grief in the early weeks of a loss, or if your grief has transitioned over time to settle deep in your heart, The Butterfly Years reminds us that we are all on the journey through grief and toward hope together.

In this raw, vulnerable memoir, Katty Douraghy chronicles her personal experience through grief after the death of six family members, including her parents and her stepparents, within a very short timeframe. 

Born in Iran, raised in England and the U.S., Katty explores the concepts of guilt and judgment and shares insights on grief and mourning across cultural expectations and customs. 

Each person’s journey in grief is unique, one that does not follow a set timeline or a clearly defined path.  The Butterfly Years infuses hope and lessons learned along the way to show a different perspective on grieving following a loved one’s death.

May we all find the connections, strength, and hope we need. 

These are our butterfly years.

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