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Purple butterfly years grief journal
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Grief journal pages
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Butterfly Years Journal

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A daily transformation from grief to growth

This journal inspires and honors us and our loved ones while memorializing their impact on those around them. Although it may seem unattainable at first, we can transform our grief into growth one day at a time by focusing on ourselves.

Some may refer to this as a grief journal.  I prefer to call it a hope journal.  This is for those of us who loved and have lost. The ones who now have a void to fill. The ones who want to start their transformation.

Within these pages, we’ll spend time writing, reflecting, practicing self-care, and learning to have an intentional focus on what we still have versus what we have lost.

Allow this journal to be your confidant, your friend, the witness to your emotions, and the observer of your truth as you move from grief toward hope and growth.

This 12-week daily journal is filled with prompts and guided explorations to help you remember quotes to inspire, as well as plenty of space to write and create. 

224 pages
Linen cover with silver foil stamp
6 x 9
Printed in the USA

Free Audiobook with each journal purchase.  A free download link will be sent following the transaction completion.

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