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Growing through Grief with GRIT

I am grateful to have been featured on the Gritty Guru Podcast by 


From Grow My Grit
Episode 29: Growing through Grief with GRIT
“As death was happening around me, I could feel life happening around me. My senses were really, really heightened.”

In this courageous conversation, Katty Douraghy shares her experiences as an adult orphan and she offers some of the insights captured in her moving memoir, The Butterfly Years: A Journey Through Grief Toward Hope.

Katty’s mission is to demystify grief and create spaces where people can talk about it, as well as loss and death, without feeling rushed or judged. While exploring themes of meditation and post-traumatic growth, she believes our greatest journey is through self-reflection, self-discovery and the process of TransforMEtion (her T word in GRIT).

Listen here

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