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It may seem unfathomable to begin again. And yet we must. One day at a time.

Whether your loss occurred suddenly or over the course of a long illness, and whether it happened recently or many years ago, each of our journeys through grief is unique. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the loss of one’s business, one’s relationship, or of a beloved pet, grief is messy.

No one knows how long we’ll be on this path, although friends and families may expect us to stop grieving, move on with our lives, and get back to “normal” quickly. They mean well and only want the best for us. However, living with grief is our new reality, and we need time to get acquainted with this new version of ourselves. 

We are now a variation of who we were, an alternation of the fabric of the person we were before our loss occurred.  Going through this transformation, although painful, does provide us the opportunity to learn how to live with grief and grow into a stronger version of ourselves.  

Although it may seem unattainable at first, we can transform our grief into growth one day at a time by focusing on ourselves.

I call it transforMEtion.  

Journaling, reflection, self-care, and an intentional focus on what I had versus what I had lost helped me emerge from the dark chrysalis of pain and transform into a butterfly. 

Are you ready to embark on your transforMEtion?

These are our butterfly years.

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